About Me

Personality and Self-Introduction


I am a competitive programmer and indie game developer in China. I have learned computer language since a very early age. From then on, I have used my programming knowledge to developer multifarious games including board-game. Indie Game: The Movie influence me a lot.

  • As an participant of competitive programming, I have a good sense of algorithms and advanced data structures. These helped me a lot during the game development and design phase.
  • As a game developer, game design offers the perfect excuse to let my imagination run riot. It inspired me to create many interesting algorithmic problems for competitive programming. (See Problem list)

For personality, I am a typical INFPs.

Here is my home page on TopCoder, Codeforces, Github and Steam. (Check more at: about.me)

Educational Background

  • 2010.9-Present, Harbin Institute of Technology, Software Engineering (Recommended without Entrance Examination)
  • 2007.9-2010.7, Hefei No.1 Middle School, Science Development Class
  • 2004.9-2007.7, Hefei No.46 Middle School


喜欢:Free Software Wikipedia Github MIT Open Course Wave Wolfram Alpha 刷 Pixiv 性别转换 精神猎奇 等角螺线(Logarithmic spiral) 人类智慧 同人 梦日记派生 独立游戏 混沌 在线对其隐身 旅行

讨厌:机械论 精确数字 等距螺线(Archimedean spiral) 背刺 规定 斯德哥尔摩综合症



DigitOcean Airbnb Uber


  • 【2048 Survivor】Presentation 演示【简介】
  • [Taipei Ethereum Meetup #2017-6,算力套汇的可行性研究, Youtube](https://youtu.be/-iXqJhSdVp0?t=6201 “Taipei Ethereum Meetup #2017-6,算力套汇的可行性研究, Youtube”),[Bilibili](https://www.bilibili.com/video/av13132046/#page=3 “Bilibili”)



某工科大学软件学院 2014 元旦联欢会 曲目 《囚鸟》
2015 ACM/ICPC Regional Shanghai Onsite,直播现场

5f 青创汇-校园创客养成记,合肥工业大学,翡翠湖校区,Jun. 18th 2015
【总结】HP & intel 蛤客松 @ Shanghai Site,July. 31th 2015
唐飞虎: 不想当艺术家的程序员不是好Geek,Aug. 6th 2015
计蒜之道 2015 总决赛,西安,西咸新区,清华工业园,Aug. 8th 2015

【TC 黑客马拉松】黑马赛场上的红牛饮料与赏金猎人,Jun. 25th 2016

Meet China’s fabulous cross-dressing computer coders